Cheating in Online Pokers

score88poker – Cheating in Online Pokers

Online Poker has been good news for poker lovers. Lots of Poker players have shifted to the online playing venue due to its ease of use and availability. Besides, various other incentives like bonuses, no entry fees, have also made the online poker world very attractive. Many websites like poker online have several attractive features.

With all these perks, there are also a few drawbacks. Various ways of cheating have become prevalent in online poker games. If players are not careful, they can easily be ripped off of their money. Let’s take a look at some of these ways.


Insider cheating

Insider cheating occurs when authorized persons with internal access to the game and system use their advantage to play and gain money from the website. If the site managers do not know about it, this can lead to significant loss to the poker website. This isn’t a theoretical issue as cases like these have been reported already. Incidents at sites like Absolute Poker in 2007 and UltimateBet in 2008 must make every poker player very careful.


A collusion is a form of cheating where poker players use multiple accounts to act as more than one player and then use these accounts to assist oneself in winning a game. This can happen without anyone realizing it. Even though all poker websites claim to have strong scanning programs that can recognize IP addresses, the risk of a breach is always there.


Ghosting refers to providing advice in an online poker game. This is done by taking the assistance of a coach or a friend. It is hard to prevent ghosting since online games cannot be monitored out of the internet. A coach can be an expert in poker while other players use only their heads. This puts them at a significant disadvantage.

Poker Bots

Poker bots are computer programs that play poker instead of a player. Many poker bots are so expert at playing that some have won almost every game they played. Some players use poker bots to make easy money. So if you are up against a poker bot, you are very likely to lose.

Since there are so many ways of cheating in online poker, those browsing online poker websites like need to be careful before choosing a website to play.